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Post on June 2022
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Make: Volkswagen
Model: ID.4

Owners Manual Description

2020 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner’s Manual PDF

On September 23, 2020, Volkswagen introduced the ID.4 electric SUV, intended to make electric vehicles mainstream. It has the spaciousness, usefulness, and technology that purchasers of compact SUVs desire at a segment-competitive price. It offers a sufficient battery range and recharge capacity for daily use, with three years of free charging at Electrify America public stations.

The advantages of electric driving begin with the ID.4 dimensions. It’s the first American vehicle constructed on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which was intended specifically for electric automobiles. This platform enables the ID.4 agile handling, as the battery pack is located on the floor and the front-to-rear weight distribution is even. And when the accelerator is pressed instantaneously, the ID.4 develops 228 lb-ft of torque, giving it excellent acceleration off the line.

The ID.4’s design mixes a futuristic, aerodynamic appearance with classic Volkswagen elements. LED headlights, taillights, an optional front-lighted light line, and the Volkswagen emblem create a unique, unmistakable signature, while the ID.4’s finely shaped bodywork and 0.28 drag coefficient give it a powerful visual presence. The Volkswagen logo rests in the center like it did on the bonnet of the Beetle. However, unlike the Beetle, it is available with an LED lighting option.

Standard on the ID.4 are six color options and 19-inch alloy wheels. The two available packages, Statement and Gradient add features such as a fixed panoramic glass roof, power-folding side mirrors, and 20-inch wheels.

2020 Volkswagen ID.4 Interior

The ID.4 has the most advanced interior of any Volkswagen ever produced. The heated leather-wrapped steering wheel is positioned in front of a 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster. Standard 10-inch Discover Pro and optional 12-inch Discover Pro Max infotainment displays with wireless App-Connect and optionally in-car WiFi are located in the center stack.

As EV components occupy less space – the ID.4’s electric powertrain can fit into a duffel bag – the ID.4 can provide roughly the same passenger volume as the Tiguan. This car is 4.6 inches shorter. The front seats have 41,1 inches of legroom, while the back seats have 37,6 inches. The cargo volume is 30,3 cubic feet behind the second row and 64,2 cubic feet with the seats folded down.

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