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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Volvo
Model: V60

Owners Manual Description

With Pilot Assist in standby mode, the motorist should steer and intervene and manage both speed and distance to the car ahead.

The driver is instead cautioned of the short distance by the Distance Alert function if the vehicle comes too close to a car ahead when Pilot Assist is in standby mode.

In some circumstances, Pilot Assist might have trouble helping the motorist effectively or may be deactivated automatically– we advise against utilizing Pilot Assist in such cases. Examples of such circumstances consist of:

  • The lane markings are worn, missing out on or cross each other.
  • Lane department is unclear, for instance, when the lanes combine or divide or at exits or when there are multiple sets of markings.
  • Edges or other lines than lane markings are present on or near the roadway, e.g. curbs, repair work or joints to the roadway surface, edges of barriers, roadside edges or strong shadows.
  • The lane is narrow or winding.
  • The lane includes holes or ridges.
  • Weather conditions are poor, e.g. rain, snow or fog or slush or minimized exposure with bad light conditions, backlighting, damp roadway surface, and so on.

The driver ought to likewise note that Pilot Assist has the following constraints:

  • Pilot Assist does not “see” pedestrians, animals, and so on
  • The recommended steering input is restricted in force, which implies that it can not constantly help the motorist to keep the automobile and guide within the lane.
  • In cars equipped with Sensus Navigation, the function has the ability to use information from map data, which might cause variations in performance.

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