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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Volvo
Model: V60

Owners Manual Description

Items such as chains, thin and glossy poles or low obstacles may end up in the “signal shadow” and then go momentarily unnoticed by the sensors the pulsating tone might then suddenly stop instead of becoming a continuous tone as anticipated.

The sensing units can not discover high objects, such as extending ramps.

In such situations, pay extra attention and maneuver/drive the vehicle very gradually or stop the current parking maneuver there might be a high danger of damage to the vehicle or other objects because the info from the sensing units is not always reputable in such situations.

In some circumstances, the Park Assist System may produce false cautions due to external sound sources with the same ultrasonic frequencies as those the system deals with.

Examples of such sources are horns, wet tires on asphalt, pneumatic brakes, exhaust noise from bikes, etc. Remember that when the rearward cam view is selected, the screen just shows the location behind the car focus on the sides and front of the vehicle when guiding while reversing.

The exact same applies to the reverse focus on what is happening with the rear parts of the car when the front camera view is selected.

Note that the guidelines reveal the fastest path pay extra attention to guarantee that the vehicle sides do not can be found in contact with/travel over anything when guiding while driving forward or that the car front relocations toward/over anything when guiding while reversing.

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