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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Toyota
Model: 4Runner

Owners Manual Description

Pre-driving Check – Check that the hood is completely closed and locked. If the hood is not locked properly, it may open while the lorry is in movement and trigger a mishap, which may result in death or major injury.

Used Engine Oil

  • Used engine oil consists of potentially harmful contaminants which might trigger skin disorders such as inflammation and skin cancer, so care should be required to prevent repetitive and extended contact. To remove used engine oil from your skin, wash completely with soap and water.
  • Dispose of utilized oil and filters just in an acceptable and safe manner. Do not dispose of utilized oil and filters in family trash, in sewers or onto the ground. Call your Toyota dealer, filling station or car parts store for info worrying recycling or disposal.
  • Do not leave utilized engine oil within the reach of children.

When the Engine is Hot – Do not touch the radiator or condenser as they may be hot and trigger severe injuries, such as burns.

When Filling the Reservoir

  • Take care as brake fluid can damage your eyes and hands and damage painted surface areas.
  • Flush the afflicted area with clean water immediately if fluid gets on your hands or in your eyes.
  • See a medical professional if you still experience discomfort.

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