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Post on March 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Toyota
Model: 4Runner

Owners Manual Description

The caraway function for leaving the chauffeur seat – If the seat is already close to the rearmost position, the auto-away function may not run when the motorist exits the car.

Active head restraints – Even little forces applied to the seatback might cause the head restraint to move. Pushing up a locked head restraint by force might appear the head restraint inner structure. These do not suggest issues.

  • Check to ensure that all passengers and individuals in the vehicle’s surrounding location do not have a hand on a board or any part of their body in a position where it could be caught in between a board and the lorry when an Automatic running board is being operated.
  • Confirm that the boards have actually completely extended or withdrawn prior to getting in or out of the automobile. If somebody gets in or out of the automobile during Automatic running board operation, the boards may stop extending or retracting.
  • Drive the automobile after validating that the boards have actually entirely withdrawn. Since it may hit other people or objects, driving with a board extended is harmful.
  • Take care when pressing the Automatic running boards to change. The board will withdraw or extend and might strike other individuals or items.
  • Always check that the Automatic running boards switch is switched off when cleaning aboard.
  • Do not permit children to run the Automatic running boards. Running Automatic running boards in a way so that a board contacts someone can trigger major injury, and in some circumstances, even death.

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