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Post on December 2019
Post by Asfianda
Make: Nissan
Model: Maxima

Owners Manual Description

Do not leave grownups or kids who would generally need the support of others alone in your car. They might mistakenly hurt themselves or others through the unintentional operation of the lorry.

The seatback ought to not be reclined any more than required for convenience. When the guest sits well back and directly up in the seat, seat belts are most efficient. The threat of moving under the lap belt and being hurt is increased if the seatback is reclined.

When returning the seatbacks to the upright position, be specific they are totally protected in the latched position. Travelers might be hurt in a mishap or abrupt stop if they are not entirely protected.

When they are around automobiles to avoid them from ending up being and playing locked in the trunk where they might be seriously hurt, carefully monitor kids. Keep the vehicle locked, with the rear seatback and trunk cover firmly locked when not in usage, and avoid kid’s access to cars and truck secrets.

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