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Post on December 2019
Post by Asfianda
Make: Nissan
Model: Maxima

Owners Manual Description

When they are around vehicles to avoid them from ending up being and playing locked in the trunk where they might be seriously hurt, carefully monitor kids. Keep the automobile locked, with the rear seatback and trunk cover firmly locked when not in usage, and avoid kid’s access to vehicle secrets.

Adjustable head restraints/headrests have several notches along the stalk to lock them in a wanted modification position. The non-adjustable head restraints/headrests have a single locking notch to protect them from the seat frame.

The Active Head Restraint progresses making use of the force that the seatback gets from the resident in a rear-end accident. The motion of the head restraint/headrest assists support the resident’s head by minimizing its backward motion and assisting take in a few of the forces that might cause whiplash-type injuries.

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