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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Volvo
Model: XC40

Owners Manual Description

If the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated, road sign details are displayed in the motorist display screen even if RSI19 is not activated.

To remove roadway sign info from the chauffeur display, you should shut off both Automatic Speed Limiter and RSI.

When the Automatic Speed Limiter function is triggered however RSI is shut down, no cautions are provided from RSI. RSI needs to likewise be activated for cautions to be possible.

The cruise control function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and help make it more secure it can not deal with all circumstances in all roadways, weather conditions, and traffic conditions.

The motorist is recommended to check out all areas in the Owner’s Manual about this function to find out of its restrictions, which the motorist must know prior to utilizing the function (see the link list at the end of this post).

Cruise control is not an alternative to the chauffeur’s attention and judgment. The driver is constantly responsible for ensuring the vehicle is driven in a safe way, at the appropriate speed, with a suitable distance to other automobiles, and in accordance with existing traffic guidelines and regulations.

Adaptive Cruise Control is not a crash avoidance system. If the system stops working to identify a vehicle ahead, the motorist is constantly responsible and must intervene.

Adaptive Cruise Control does not brake for people or animals and does not brake for little cars, such as bikes and motorbikes. Likewise, it does not brake for low trailers, approaching, slow-moving or stationary objects and lorries.

Do not utilize Adaptive Cruise Control in demanding circumstances, such as in city traffic, at intersections, on slippery surfaces, with a great deal of water or slush on the road, in heavy rain/snow, in bad exposure, on winding roads, or on/off ramps.

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