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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Nissan
Model: Altima

Owners Manual Description

Just particular power outlets are designed for use with a cigarette lighter unit. Do not utilize any other power outlet for an accessory lighter. For additional information, it is advised that you check out a NISSAN dealership.

Do not use with devices that surpass a 12 volt, 120W (10A) power draw. Do not use double adapters or more than one electrical accessory. Use power outlets with the engine running to prevent releasing the automobile battery.

When the air conditioner, headlights, or back window defroster is on, prevent using power outlets. Prior to inserting or detaching a plug, make sure the electrical device being used is switched off.

Press the plugin as far as it will go. If great contact is not made, the plug might overheat or the internal temperature fuse may open. When not in use, make sure to close the cap. Do not allow water or any other liquid to contact the outlet.

To ensure the appropriate operation of the front traveler’s NISSAN Advanced Air Bag System (if so equipped), please observe the following items:

  • Do not enable a guest in the rear seat to pull or push on the seatback pocket or head restraint/headrest.
  • Do not place heavy loads heavier than 9.1 lbs. (4 kg) on the seatback, head restraint/headrest or in the seatback pocket.

Make sure that all guests have their hands, and so on, inside the automobile while it is in motion and before closing the windows. Use the window lock switch to prevent unanticipated use of the power windows.

To assist avoid the risk of injury or death through the unintended operation of the automobile and/or its systems, consisting of entrapment in windows or inadvertent door lock activation, do not leave children, individuals who need the help of others or animals ignored in your vehicle. Furthermore, the temperature level inside a closed vehicle on a warm day can rapidly become high sufficient to trigger a substantial risk of injury or death to people and animals.

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