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Post on January 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Jeep
Model: Renegade

Owners Manual Description

Two quickly detachable roof panels are your ticket to a lot more fun in the sun. Panels are lightweight enough for a single person to manage and store flat when slipped into the protective bag that fits completely in the rear freight location. Readily available.

Contrast and Color

A complementary scheme includes a dimension to a really spacious cabin. Contemporary and enjoyable, Abandoner offers you plenty of wiggle space to spread out and unwind, together with great deals of storage for devices, tablets, cups and personal items throughout.

Custom Comfort

Go for the alternative of cushioned leather-trimmed seats, accented with contrast stitching. A readily available power-adjustable motorist’s seat with power lumbar adjuster assists keep you alert and comfortable.

Driver Information Display

Front and center on your Trailhawk and Limited dash is a full-color 7-inch adjustable display. It provides a range of information, like fuel usage info, safety informs performance details and more. Buttons on your wheel permit safe scrolling through this data. Latitude and Sport chauffeurs view a basic 3.5-inch black and white display.

Keyless Enter ‘N Go

With the crucial fob in your pocket, simply unlock, get seated with your foot on the brake, press the Start button and shift into Drive. Available. Push-button start standard on all models.

Let more of the world into your life, thanks to two large panes that offer all rows big scenic views. Push the power button and the front panel slides back, welcoming a big breath of fresh air along for the ride. Readily available.

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