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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Honda
Model: Accord

Owners Manual Description

Sitting too near a front airbag can lead to serious injury or death if the front airbags pump up. Constantly sit as far back from the front airbags as possible while maintaining control of the vehicle.

Reclining the seat-back too far can result in major injury or death in a crash. Adjust the seat-back to an upright position, and sit well back in the seat.

Improperly positioning head restraints lowers their efficiency and increases the possibility of serious injury in a crash. Ensure head restraints are in place and located effectively before driving.

In order for the head restraint system to work appropriately:

  • Do not hang any products on the head restraints, or from the restraint legs.
  • Do not place any item in between the seat-back and an occupant.
  • Set up each restraint in its appropriate place.

An open glove box can cause major injury to your passenger in a crash, even if the passenger is wearing the seat belt. Constantly keep the glove box closed while driving.

Metal objects in between the charging pad and the device to be charged will get hot and can burn you.

  • Constantly eliminate foreign things from the charging pad prior to charging the device.
  • Be sure the surface area is clear of dust and other debris before charging.
  • Do not spill liquids (i. e. water, drinks, etc.) on the battery charger and the gadget.
  • Do not utilize oil, grease, alcohol, benzine or thinner for cleaning up the charging pad.
  • Do not cover the system with towels, clothing, or other objects while charging, etc.
  • Avoid spraying aerosols that may come in contact with the charge pad surface area.

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