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Post on December 2019
Post by Asfianda
Make: Audi
Model: A5/S5 Coupe

Owners Manual Description

Auxiliary headlights and other devices in front of the air consumption hinder the cooling result of the coolant. This increases the danger of the engine getting too hot throughout high outdoors temperature levels and heavy engine load.

The front spoiler likewise assists to disperse cooling air properly while driving. The cooling impact will be impaired and the threat of the engine getting too hot will increase if the spoiler is harmed. See an authorized Audi dealership or licensed Audi Service Facility for help.

Sunglasses with polarization filters and undesirable lighting conditions can hinder the presence of the screen. An ideal display screen depends upon the seat position and the height modification of the head-up display screen. A unique windscreen is required for the head-up display screen function.

When all of the doors and the baggage compartment cover are closed and the automobile secret is not in the lorry, just lock your automobile. This lowers the danger of locking yourself out unintentionally.

The following functions assist to decrease the danger of locking your car type in the lorry:

  • The automobile can not be locked by pushing the button on the lorry secret or by touching the locking sensing unit on a door if the motorist’s door is open.
  • The baggage compartment cover on some automobile designs will immediately open once again after closing it if the car secret that was utilized last is inside the travel luggage compartment.
  • It will not be possible to lock the automobile from the outdoors for a quick time if the last car secret that was utilized is identified inside the car.

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