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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Audi
Model: A4/S4

Owners Manual Description

Just utilize the push-button control key when you are within view of the vehicle. Applies to: lorries with automatic transmission: the vehicle can just be locked when the selector lever remains in P.

Do not utilize the remote control when you are inside the lorry. Otherwise, you might accidentally lock the car. The anti-theft alarm will trigger if you then try to open a door. Press the unlock button if this occurs. Just use the panic function in an emergency situation.

If the car is opened and none of the doors, the hood, or the luggage compartment cover are opened within 45 seconds, the automobile locks again automatically. This function prevents the vehicle from being accidentally left open over a long period of time.

When opening the automobile, the settings in the Infotainment system identify if the entire vehicle or only the driver’s door is unlocked.

After closing the luggage compartment cover, ensure that it is latched. Otherwise, the luggage compartment cover might open suddenly when driving, which increases the danger of an accident.

Pay mindful attention when closing the luggage compartment lid. Otherwise, you might trigger severe injury to yourself or others in spite of the pinch security.

To reduce the risk of pinching injuries, always make sure that no one remains in the operating area of the luggage compartment cover; consisting of the hinge areas and the upper and lower edge of the luggage compartment lid.

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