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Post on February 2020
Post by Asfianda
Make: Acura
Model: RDX

Owners Manual Description

Appears when Apple CarPlay or Android Auto fails to recognize your gadget. Examine if your device is compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Car, or the latest version of the app is installed on your gadget.

Appears when the number of kept Apple CarPlay gadgets or Android Car gadgets surpasses the limitation. Select Replace and Continue and delete a signed up gadget to Optimum Number of connecting a brand-new gadget for the Apple CarPlay connection or Android Vehicle connection.

The SiriusXM satellites remain in orbit over the equator therefore, objects south of the vehicle might cause satellite reception disturbances. Satellite signals are most likely to be obstructed by high structures and mountains the farther north you take a trip from the equator. You might experience reception issues under the following situations:

  • In a location with an obstruction to the south of your automobile.
  • In tunnels
  • On the lower level of a multi-tiered roadway
  • Big products continued the roof rack

Like all help systems, the RDM system has restrictions.

Over-reliance on the RDM system may result in a collision. It is always your responsibility to keep the vehicle within your driving lane.

The RDM system just signals you when lane drift is found without a turn signal in use. The RDM system might not detect all lane markings or lane or highway departures; accuracy will vary based upon weather, speed and lane marker condition. It is always your obligation to safely run the vehicle and prevent crashes.

Do not place things on the top of the cockpit console. It might show onto the windshield and prevent the system from finding lane lines appropriately.

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